Good news, but...


I have to share that I just got a BFP today. This is my first positive pregnancy test since I had my last miscarraige in 2008-almost 3 years!! I am completely freaking out because I tested after my 2ww and it was negative so I quit taking my progesterone and worked out, etc., but my period never really started so I retested today and low and behold :bfp: . I can’t believe it. But I am freaking out because I have been spotting on and off for about a week. Mainly brown or pink discharge and usually only when I wipe although it was a little heavier for a few days last Monday-Wednesday (I thought it was my period). So I am wondering if this means that I am about to miscarry again. While I am really happy that I am pregnant-I was starting to think I would never get pregnant again-I am freaking out at the idea of losing this baby before we even have a chance, and I am blaming myself for being an idiot for stopping the progesterone! Anyone out there have a similar experience with spotting during week 4 of pregnancy and everything turning out ok? I would be very relieved to hear that this might be ok. I go see my RE Tuesday-keeping my fingers crossed that everything looks good!!!


I wish I had a positive story for you, but I have been fortunate enough to not have any spotting through my pregnancy. There are so many ladies on here who have had spotting on and off throughout their entire first trimester though, so I hope it is nothing!

I just wanted to say congrats best of luck and I hope everything looks great at your appt.!!! :babydust: :babydust: :babydust:


I am pregnant- maybe about as far along or less than you. I have also spotted and my nurse said for some people it happens in early pregnancy.

Best of luck!


Hi Sloid,

Something similar happened to a friend of mine…she tested at 13 or 14 days post ovulation (can’t remember) and got BFN. Then she started bleeding the next day (I think light bleeding to spotting is more what it was vs. full on period bleed), and assumed she had her period. 20 days later she was still bleeding/spotting on and off so went to see her OB to find out why her period was going on for so long and found out she was 6 weeks pregnant.

Initially they couldn’t explain what the bleeding was, but eventually found out she had a subcharonic (sorry can’t spell it, short form SCH) bleed. While in some cases if these are really big or close to where the baby’s implanted they could be bad news, it seems that for the most part they are more of a nuisance than cause for concern, and there’s no reason why you won’t carry the baby to term. She’s about 25 weeks now, so still chugging along.

Hope that helps put your mind at ease a bit. Good luck, I hope things work out for you.


My bleed was at wk 6 but it was heavy and included clotting. I bled through (sorry, tmi) two overnight pads in less than half an hour. The bleed tapered to a discharge that lasted a few days but, as you can see, we’re doing fine! Hopefully your news will be similar. Bleeds aren’t as uncommon as you’d think, but no pregnant lady wants to see blood.


I am spotting right now and I would be 23dpo, not sure what is happening on my end but I am trying to be positive.


Thanks all, I had my first quantitative hcg on tuesday and go in for my next one later today. I just keep praying it goes up! Thanks for the words of encouragement, it has just been so long since I got pregnant last time and I can’t bear the thought of having another miscarraige! Wish me luck:cross:


Looks like we would have had the same due date…mine hcg counts were low, so my pregnancy is not progressing. Meet with my RE to decide what to do next (I just hope its not ectopic!)

I hope things go better for you!!! Good luck!!!

[quote=Ih8theshots]I am pregnant- maybe about as far along or less than you. I have also spotted and my nurse said for some people it happens in early pregnancy.

Best of luck![/quote]


How low are they?


they were 179 on tuesday and 181 on Thursday. When I went in on Friday they thought it was ectopic so I had surgery Friday afternoon. Found out it wasn’t ectopic, but my endo had come back on my right ovary, so they lasered that away and did a d&c. All in all its been a fun week. Wow what a roller coaster I am on, feels a bit like I am careening off the tracks right now. Glad your numbers are good. Hopefully I will get pregnant again and have better luck the next time. I guess I just have to be satisfied that I actually got pregnant, since it has been since 2007 since the last time I managed to get pregnant. Hopefully it isn’t another 3 years until I get another chance. Its hard to take:grr:


So that means you never got pregnant or you miscarried? Sorry, so new to all this and I am still educating myself.


No problem, it means I miscarried, I was about 5 and a half weeks pregnant when I had the d&c. Once you get a positive hcg it usually means you are pregnant, although I there are cases where it is just a chemical pregnancy (no implantation), I don’t think that was the case for me since my hcg was almost 200.