got a +hpt but?


Im worried because I had a chemical pregnancy with my last IUI (this is my first IVF). my breasts were really sure 11 and 12 and 13dp3dt, but now they aren’t. i took another urine test but my beta isnt until friday … the urine was good, two good lines. what do you think? should my boobs still be sore, or does that symptom come and go? thank you!!!


For me, that is one of the symptoms that totally came and went. And it’s been different for me every time, in terms of morning sickness, soreness, heartburn, etc. I don’t think you can read into those symptoms at all, especially really early. Good luck – I hope your beta is great news!


I had the same question. It definitely comes and goes. I’m 7 weeks now and some days they’re on, and some off. Good luck!


Boobs often deflate in the second week for a day or two. It is probably result of luteal phase defect that IVF produces as progesteron levels drop dramatically in the second week. In other words, it is normal. :bsv:


thanks so much for your responses, it makes me feel much better. i am currently taking crinone 8 percent 1 time a day … do you think i need two times a day during this week? thanks!