Got -HPT today on 5dp5dt


Please I need your help, I know that I shouldn’t have but I took a test today and it was negative, has anybody got a negative HPT 5 days post a 5 day blast transfer and got a BFP thereafter? I dont know if i should take another one tomorrow. My beta is on Tues the 16th, and I am sooo scared that it will come back negative. Anybody else have this happen?


Pregnancy test sensitivity/most sensitive HPT’s

It’s too early, my dear… I would test again at day 7 and 8! See the chart below as to when hcg begins to secret in your blood system!

Otherwise this link could be titled, When can I POAS???
What happens to embryos after transfer? Read here for info![/URL] ( [URL=“”]1[/URL] [URL=“”]2)

Good Luck and Keep us posted! I am crossing fingers for you!


That makes sense, I just keep seeing other people get a faint positive on day 5, so I was hoping I would too.:pray:


There is another girl on here in the exact same situation as you. Read her post!

Good luck and :bsv:


I posted on that other thread, but I thought I would add this. On day 5 I even had to go to the ER for an IVF related illness. They did a pregnancy test and it came back positive. Went home and took a regular FRER and a digital…both were negative.

On day 6 I got a VERY faint line. Good Luck!!!


i test 5dp5dt and the line was barely visible - and that was with twins. So i definitely think you should wait 2-3 more days.


I tested starting at 3 days post 5dt. It was definitely negative at 5dp5dt, no doubt about it. On 6th day it was almost imaginary line. I had a high beta of 268 at 14 dpo (9dp5dt). So, I would say it is too early to test/give up. Best of luck.