Got my dosage increased!


I posted last week about my frustrations with my doctor not wanting to increase my dosage after I failed to ovulate on 150mg. Well I guess it pays to be that “annoying patient” because he upped it to 200mg!

I’m sooo relieved and excited to be starting a new cycle! I started Prometirum last Monday, which should give AF an arrival date of 11/20. I’ve recently lost about 10lbs, so hopefully the weight loss in combination with a higher dosage of Clomid will give me a nice mature follie and I’ll get my BFP!


:cheer: YAY!! Goodluck!


good luck!!

I thought 150 was the max dosage?


[quote=ShannonD]good luck!!

I thought 150 was the max dosage?[/quote]

I think the drug manufacturer says 150mg is the max, but my RE said he goes up to 250mg.