Got my LH surge/ovaries no longer hurting


So yesterday was an extra painful day my ovaries were really hurting and I started getting the egg whites too. Today though they’re not really hurting at all. Wonder if that means the follicle popped?

I wasn’t suppose to see my doctor until Friday which would have been my 12 days past the first day. I had a freak out moment where I thought the nurse counted the days wrong and I called in and they moved me to Wednesday.

Well turns out that I was wrong that Friday WAS the correct date. I didn’t want to call her back and admit that I was wrong, and that I’m a neurotic and slighting obsessed. But since I got OPK “smiley” face just now I’m thinking OMG! This IS a good thing I am going in on Wednesday! I believe I’m going to call that a happy accident!! We could have missed our window if we had just waited until Friday.

Our Donor [I]Juice[/I] will be there tomorrow too! So who knows!! Tomorrow might be our day to try!

Keeping my fingers crossed! Good luck to everyone else too! :babydust::babydust::babydust::cross::cross::cross:


Oh - exciting! :babydust:

Keep us posted! :slight_smile: