Got my T4 Results


TSH is 4.69
"Free" T4 is .9

Doctor wants me to start Synthroid but why? It is within normal range (the “free” t4).


I don’t know much about the T4 yet but I do know that your TSH is still higher than what RE’s want it for conception. My RE wants and needs my TSH to be lower than a 2.5 and it is currently 27.88 have appt with primary doctor on Monday.

good luck


The TSH being above 2 is not good for a sucessful pregnancy. It should be between 1-2 for pregnancy, while .5 to 5.5 is considered normal for most folks. Free T is not a good indicator for a sucessful pregnancy. I have had thyroid issues for years the the T4 is a much better indicator.

Best of luck.