Great Another Bfn


Hi Gizmo here,

Gizmo is very upset, 2nd IUI has failed. DH had amazing sperm, even doc said he should donate lol.

Over 75million postwash and 100 % motility post. Anyways did the acupuncture before and after both IUI etc.

Doing one more on the femara, ovidrel and progestrone meds. Femara is 2.5 and given for 5 days. However I only get 1 mature follicle 2.2 both times.

Wanna hear a kicker? if this doesn’t work this time, I move onto injections.

Guess what, my insurance, covers $ 4,000 ( twice in a lifetime) but guess what since I got ovidrel and progetrone 2 times,at a total of $400 bucks, thats it for me. Wtf:grr: basically I could of used it for 5 bucks two times, and thats it. DH started a new job, I will go under his benefits as well, but thats in 3 months and hopefully they have fertility drugs.

I need this next iui to work, please help, we don’t have the money to pay out of pocket. Everyone is pregnant, and doesn’t understand, they keep aking why are you prego? whats wrong with you? hurry up? blah blah blah



Sorry about your bfn!! I can completely understand because I’m on my 2nd IUI w/ Clomid and ovidrel and I don’t think it worked either. I find out later this week, but I don’t even know if I can get pregnant. It hasn’t worked so far. Last time I had 3 good follies and my DH’s sperm count was good (don’t know what it was). This time I had 4 follies and my DH’s sperm count was 27 mil, but I still don’t think it worked. Anyway, I only have one more round with this protocol and then I have to move on to something else. I have a feeling my RE will suggest IVF and my DH and I are paying for everything out-of-pocket. Our insurance pays for nothing related to fertility treatments. And we don’t have the money to pay for IVF either, so I don’t know what we’ll do.

Just focus on your next cycle and deal with whatever comes next when it happens. Best of luck and I hope next month is your month!



AT least you get more then 1 follcile maturing. I thought femara would give me more :grr: . I hope you get your BFP, if not this round then for sure your 3rd. We are in Canada, so the monitoring is paid for, and my femara costs only 20 bucks. My ovidrel and progestrone was covered, but this 3rd time, it wont be. I hope this 3rd one will work. Just waiting for AF to show up. I have BETA on THURSDAY, but I already poas, so I know i am not prego :grr: .

What area are you from? :cheer: