Great News! But now I need guidance and your expert opinions for scared poopless in A


Hi Everyone:
I’ve been an ever-lurker for GOSH I DO NOT KNOW HOW LONG.
Here is my situation: My husband and I have been trying IVF and donor for 8 years…won’t go into the screwy details of why it took so long but suffice it to say that no RE had so much as suggested an HSG to me in all these years (despite my long history of endometriosis). Ugh.
Just got back from Czech Republic, this was our 3rd round of donor ivf there and this time I had two grade A embies implanted on day 5 after having a hsg-ectomy and myomectomy on my birthday last July (pursued this entirely on my own and bullied the world’s bestest obgyn into operating and he said it was a heinz 57 job - said I had more lil’ things wrong inside - took him 4.5 hours of surgery time to nip, tuck and facelift the ol’ uterus).
Date of my ER was 11-7-11 and I was able to get my 1st pregnancy test done by my GP on 11-29-11. My beta was 2480. :woohoo: I have only been pregnant once with a life threatening ectopic, so I had no pregnancy reference. In addition, 2 days before the test, I started to bleed, what seemed like a lot but then it went down to a light brown spotting by the next morning and has remained there off an on since, only creating light brown and maybe a little pink when I wipe. OK, TMI - sorry.
I live in a rural community with a MEAT MARKET obgyn office - it is like a cattle call over there and I’ve had one too many RN/Nurse friends who were pregnant and these doctors overlooked preeclampsia time and time again. The RE that I did have, was almost 3 hours away in Flagstaff AZ and he has since moved out of the state.
I would like to see an obgyn (no periontologists or RE in Flagstaff anymore) in Flag with the hopes of delivering in Flag but don’t know how I should go about my research and FAST at that too as I am sure I’m in need of an ultrasound in a few/three weeks to confirm heartbeat and number of beans floating around.
The only high risk docs in the state of AZ (my insurance restricts me to stay in AZ unless it is an emergency) are in Phoenix or Tucson (about 4-5 hours away by car). How should I proceed? Any ideas from you baby dust keepers?
Me: 45
DH: 43
Thought I was the most barren female on the face of this planet - turns out that it was just this endometriosis that got in the way and I never had any docs who addressed it. GRRRRRRRR :grr: but I think it may be all good now in that department :clap:
Thanks for any insight or help you can provide.
Scaredy Cat in Arizona