Great Tool for 2ww!


Since I’m sure I’m not alone in driving myself crazy during the 2ww I thought I’d share this link with everyone! It helped me put into perspective how important it is to hold out to test as long as you can!

Pregnancy Test Timing Calculator - When Should I Test? | Countdown to Pregnancy

Also the website has tons of other great tools for calculating all sorts of things dealing with :preg:

I barely slept last night driving myself crazy over “Pregnancy vs Progesterone Symptoms” these 2 weeks are by far some of the longest weeks ever!

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I love the Countdown to Pregnancy website…I spend a lot of time there obsessing over my symptoms :nerd:


Thank you! This is really nice


Thank you

Oh this is nice tool to have… Thank you Suzanna


You are :welcome: I hope it helps some of us get through the 2ww a little easier!


Hello, everybody! I found this great [B]pregnancy calculator;[/B] it has four calculators in one! Ovulation, Due date, Weight gain and Conception! I think it is very easy to use and it gives quite accurate results: