Great Video- check it out


Tears and Hope - the infertility awareness project


Love it

I love the video, it’s so true. I might show it to a few fertiles to get them to understand.


I really like that


Great video… But sitting here in tears now…


That video expressed exactly how I feel. Thanks for sharing.


I remember watching that video about 6 months ago and bawling my eyes out. I watched it again just now and did the same thing. The part at the end is true … The impression infertility left on my heart will be there forever. In an instance I can remember ever emotion, struggle, and sorrow like it was yesterday. But that’s not a bad thing. I’d like to think that this journey made me kinder, more compassionate, brought me even closer to my husband, makes me cherish everything in a new light, and made me stronger.

I pray that all of you still waiting receive your BFP very soon. And I pray for all of us to have healthy pregnancies and babies. :grouphug:


what i have learned

Through this experience, I have become more compassionate for sure. I am a much better listener now. I have also learned to let go of all the “control” of my life. I should have put the “tears” warning on the header of the thread and after I posted it I thought about that. I had a really good cry yesterday and today I have not cried at all (that is rare these days). Maybe it is okay to cry sometimes. This stuff is tough.

Positive thoughts to all of you!