Gross question: can stims cause stomach upset?


This isn’t my first rodeo, but it is our first IVF. Our normal dose has been 75 Menopur/112.5 Gonal. This time we are 150 of each. I started on Saturday, and by Sunday night my stomach was a mess (diarrhea). The past two days have been AWFUL. I haven’t eaten much of anything, and nothing sounds good. Today I also have some body aches and a flu-like headache. Just want to make sure this is a virus and not a reaction to the stims. I go in tomorrow and can ask then, but I’m worried my ovaries are frying out. I feel soooooo sick. Anyone else have this problem?


I was on 150 Menopur and 300 GonalF and did not seem to have a problem. I would bet you got a stomach bug seeing as you have taken smaller dosages and not had any problems. I hope you feel better soon!!!


The inserts that came with both of those medicines say to call your doctor if you have any flu-like symptoms and to seek medical attention if you have nausea or vomiting but don’t mention diarrhea.


Thanks, ladies. Will ask at my appointment tomorrow, but you put my mind at ease. Best wishes at your beta, Anastasia! :slight_smile: