Growing frustration...and empty wallet


Hi all - been a few months since I’ve been on here. We had to take a break between IUI cycles. Initially it was to heal a bit emotionally and financially. I quickly learned that a greater power was at work to decrease my stress level to deal with a bigger stress. My grandmother, whom I was very close to, was diagnosed during that time with a malignant brain tumor (of the worst kind). 6 weeks later she passed away. It’s been hard, but despite it all, we are back trying again and now on IUI cycle #3. So far I’m on day 19 of my cycle, and up to 450 on Bravelle. I take it a minimum of one more day, and have an ultrasound on Tues to check follicles again. At that same time I’m being tested for diabetes, and my doctor is going to talk to me about checking my falopian tubes for blockage. No good news this month each time I go in is starting to wear on my soul…and our wallet is about broke. With no insurance coverage for the Bravelle, and it costing about $380 a day to take…not sure when we will hit our limit, but I know it’s coming soon. All of this is so hard with christmas just around the corner as well. Wish I could get some good news on Tuesday… :pray: :pray: :pray:


I can understand some of your frustration. Although we have insurance we had to pay 50% of the medical costs and since we used donor sperm we had to pay 100% of that cost plus shipping and handling. Things can add up very quickly and with bad news at the end of each cycle it can make you wonder and question a lot. That said, in my opinion the doctor should have checked to see if your fallopian tubes were open before starting IUIs. It would suck to do say 5 rounds of IUIs with meds and then find out that your tubes are blocked and IUIs aren’t an option but instead you need IVF. My RE (reproductived endocrynoligist) checked me out with progesterone levels, ovulation, and my fallopian tubes along with tested my husband for sperm before doing anything. We found out he had no sperm. I know your situation is different but I’d personally want to know the answers to all the basics before spending money monthly on expensive treatments and drugs.


I definitely agree with you on wanting to know the basics before going any farther. I’m not really sure why my RE hadn’t mentioned checking my tubes before now, unless he saw no cause for problems. In many ways I left the RE’s office that day wondering why all this now in the middle of a cycle. Only thing I can settle on is that they thought I’d be pregnant by now since everything else seemed in order. I think now that can’t seem to get my follicles past a 10 they are starting to wonder if they missed something…