Guess what! GLs needed)


Hi, lovelies here! Here’s some of my background.
At the start of the journey - 40 yrs old.
dh - 42 yrs old suffering from stage 3 colon cancer.
Married since 2013.
ttc 10/14
dx: PCOS & blocked fallopian tubes.
AMH <3.2
IVF#1 - failed
IVF#2 - failed, faced a mc.
The following 2016 were told my eggs would never work out. So we had to move egg donation track.
Got BFP after 2 IVF shots. Blessed with a beautiful healthy kid.
******We know we want more! ******Going for a sibling!!
Wish me GL, prayers needed…More positive stories for encouragement…Thanks to all of you!