Guess What!


Well… Let me give you a bit of background first… My husband and I tried to get pregnant for nearly five years before we did two rounds of IUI and got pregnant with our baby boy who is now 20 months. We had decided if we had one we wouldn’t persue further treatment & would just rely on the Lord for another one… SURPRISE. … im 6 weeks 4 days we saw the heartbeat 133 yesterday! we weren’t trying but we weren’t not trying either! My son is 20 months old! We got pregnant with him on my birthday & this new baby we got pregnant with on our 7th wedding anniversary. This is my first EVER pregnancy without treatment! God is so good. Stay positive ladies. If it happened to me it can happen to anyone.


Congratulation :cheer:, thanks for your sharing…:grouphug:


Hey Babydusting! Congrats on baby number two!!! My sister-in-law has PCOS so I know how important the timing is, what a lovely gift from God!


Congrats to you!, babydusting!