Had 5 week ultrasound today and found a cyst - Freaking out!


I had my 5 week ultrasound today and my RE told me he could see a cyst but didn’t seem too concerned and just told me it is common. Whenever I get told something at the RE’s office, I am calm and don’t ask enough questions! Then I go home and drive myself crazy. I am googling this like a mad woman and I see that if it doesn’t go away, they actually have to perform surgery to get rid of if and some women even end up losing their ovary with it.

I am also reading that if it is a corpus luteum cyst, that is a good thing since that is what sustains a pregnancy. I have no idea what kind mine is. Anyone else have experience with a cyst at an early ultrasound,. I didn’t have any cysts or issues during my work-up for IVF. I am freaking out!!!


I had at least 2 if not 3 cysts. RE didn’t even mention them (they were just in the report that was sent to my OB). At 9 weeks my OB told me that they were still there but that he wasn’t concerned at all–that it was perfectly normal. I should call him if I had any pain, but other than that they would go away on their own. He thought they were probably corpeus luteum cysts.


I’ve had them with my pregnancy that went full term and my late loss, which was partly due to a leak after CVS, not just a spontaneous miscarriage. The cyst didn’t affect either of them. I didn’t have one with the early miscarriage, so I would try not to worry about it. If it were a dermoid cyst or something that wasn’t cyclic, they would have seen it before now, and I don’t think that would affect a pregnancy anyway.