Had ER, Uterine Lining too thin for transfer


Hi all,

Looking for some advice or shared stories. My ER was 3/21/13. We got 5 egss- four of which were fertilized with ICSI. Today is day 3 and so far all 4 look good. However we must freeze due to my thin uterine lining. We tried Viagra and Estrace suppositories for the two days prior to the egg retrieval with no increase in the lining. I guess all those years where I felt lucky to have light 2 day periods wasn’t so good after all:) Has anyone else had this happen and if so what was your treatment ? We see the RE on Wednesday…so far the nurse is saying we will do 1 month of BC pills and then shoot for a May transfer. I am also thinking of taking an extra month or two off before the transfer because I need a break…good idea or not ? I turn 38 in June! Thanks for any advice or stories!


I don’t know if you tried acupunture. My first 2 IVF my linning was only a 7.5-8. During my 3rd Cycle I done Acupunture and it was a 14 the day of transfer.


My lining never got above 7mm for either cycle and as you can see both were successful. Did they say your lining had the triple stripe pattern? I was always worried about my lining, but it didn’t seem to matter what we did or what drugs were added to my protocol (even with my FET), it just never got thicker. They told me it was the trilaminar pattern that really made the difference and indicated that my lining was just fine! And they were right!

Good luck going forward, but don’t get too discouraged if your lining isn’t super plump for you next cycle, you don’t necessarily need that!


Thanks for the replies. I will be doing Acupuncture so hopefully that will help. My lining was a triple pattern. Just makes me nervous to think of doing a FET with a thin lining because we only have four embies and can not afford to do another retrieval.