had first IUI/ E2 question/ count question


girls- had first IUI Saturday morning…this was supposed to be a failed cycle, but SURPRISE I had 5 good follies. RE would not let me do trigger (due to high risk of 5), but i DID ovulate on my own. whoo hoo!!!

at the office, he commented that DH’s swimmer count was really low. not sure if this is from the fact that we had only a 15 hr window of abstaining???

also, he wanted to know what my latest E2 was…I have been asking his Nurse Practitioner for an E2 draw for months, but her response was “we’re overriding all of that”. i KNEW this would come into play! So, when is a typical E2 draw? Is it done with a CD3 FSH? i told him from now on, I will only talk to him or his office nurse. NP is out.

lastly, i ordered some Maca Magic for DH to increase count. Also taking Vitamin C, E, Fish Oil, Carnitine, Grape Seed extract, and eating raw sunflower seeds. Anything else to do for him? RE said that if formal SA shows <5M count, he will refer us straight to ICSI. don’t want to go there… thanks-a-


They tested my E2 with each monitoring u/s because that and follie size together help let you know when the follies are mature. For example, my first cycle, the u/s tech couldn’t find my left ovary at all on CD11. The RE who was in the room (not my normal guy), said “oh, well that must mean there is nothing there.” Well, they had done a blood draw, and based on my E2 level, they knew that I clearly had more than just the smallish follie on the right side. They had me come back the next day, and lo and behold, there was my left ovary with a 18mm follie. Clearly it didn’t just pop up overnight.

E2 changes throughout the cycle. They do test it on CD3, but usually in a monitored cycle, they will test it again as the follies grow.

Hope this cycle works for you and you don’t have to deal with that NP any more!!


good to know…an ongoing thing! NP is very nice, and actually worked for a HUGE IVF practice (a well known one on the east coast) years ago, so i am surprised that she just sort of dismissed me like that. yes, i have been going through this for some time, but maybe if she paid better attention, this would have worked a while ago! oh well, focus on the future, not the past! good luck girls!


My RE does an E2 test on CD3.