Had PGS testing, transfer 1 or 2 FET's?


Hello all, This is my first post and my first IVF cycle. My FET is in a couple of days and I am left with 3 good embryos after doing PGS testing. I am currently on estrogen pills/patches and progesterone shots (ouch) in my backside. I did PGS because I recently turned 39. My RE said that I have a good chance of getting PG transferring only 1 embryo due to the PGS testing. Even though I’m leaning toward transferring only 1 embryo, I am considering transferring 2 embryos to increase my chances. My concern with transferring 2 embryos is that there is a real chance for twins, especially because the embryos have been PGS tested. The added risks of having twins concerns me. Has anyone had any experience with the decision of a 1 or 2 embryo transfer after PGS testing? Any input would be great! Thanks in advance:-)


I did the preliminary PG diagnostic testing on myself, but we decided against spending the money on the PGS for the embies. We also had 3 embies and they normally would test against 5 or 7 for the cost. My Dr. stated genetically if you have tested the success rates are much more successful. I agree with My 11:11 wish, but I know it is a scary decision either way. We almost decided to do the PGS last min before we did this transfer just about a week ago. I think you discuss this with our mate, dr, and come to the decision. Whatever the decision is it will be the right one and dont second guess yourself.


Someone in my last group is a surrogate and the doctor insisted on transferring only 1 since it was PGS tested. She didnt get pregnant. So there is also the risk of it not working. You just have to consider that you may have to do another transfer.


I have personal experience with this. I am 32 and transferred 2 PGS normal embryos in August. I am pregnant with 1 baby. Transferring 2 increases your chance of pregnancy, and twins but it doesn’t mean you’ll have twins. Trust me:) I wanted them both!


Sometimes even if you put 2, you end up with 0. Not all the embryos are strong to continue and there are so msny factors that influence the outcome. In any case, if you put one and failed, you will repeat the fet and see what will happen. If you don’t want to get twins, the solution is eady provided you are ready to undergo fet preparation again.


Hi girls! Thank you very much for your input!!! I am considering everything that has been mentioned and I welcome more comments. Thanks again!


I transferred 1 (one) normal PGS tested embryo this past month and I’m pregnant. My embryo had to be thawed, biopsied (for PGS testing), refrozen, then thawed again for transfer. Go with your instincts to avoid regret.


Had my FET this morning and now I’m home on my back. I decided to go with one embryo and the embryologist mentioned that it was a high quality blast embryo. Hopefully all goes well, thanks for all the input!!!


I hope you got bnp.


LOL!!! you are talking about me! and this time we put in 2!!!