Had the HSG today - almost painless!


Wanted to share my HSG experience. Hope it will be useful to someone.

I had the HSg this afternoon. It was a 1-2 minute procedure. The most painful part was getting the speculum in. After that the dye was injected and the X-ray was taken. I felt moderate cramps (less painful than CD1 and CD2 of my periods) that lasted for 2-3 minutes after the procedure ended. My tubes were clear and the radiologist showed/explained the X-ray picture to me.

I did not take any painkillers (contrary to doctor’s recommendation because I think I have a medicine overload with clomid, antibiotic and prenatals).

For a couple of hours, I felt mild discomfort in the abdominal area mainly when I bloated my stomach.

I was glad I had a sanitary pad with me. It was good because the dye leaked out and felt quite sticky. I also had some mild bleeding (very pinkish) for 3-4 hours after the procedure. There was a slight burning sensation in the vaginal area for sometime.

But on the whole, it did not feel too bad.


so glad you had a great HSG experience!! i had mine on monday and it wasn’t horrific, but it was EXTREMELY uncomfortable. the speculum was the easiest for me! LOL it was the catheter insertion + dye that killed me… like one of the most “wrong” feelings ever. haha

anyway, YAY for clear tubes!! :slight_smile: xo


I know this is an old post, but when you had your HSG, did you take painkillers before? I am debating whetehr I should have this or skip it. I think I’m going to have it, but any tips on how I should breath or how I should cope with the pain? I had a mock embryo transfer and Fluid Sonogram. It was the most painful experience I’ve ever known. Any suggestions I’ll take and run away with!!! LOL!:pray: