Half Trigger Shot?


Hi, ladies. I had a follie check and LH and E2 b/w today. The nurse called this afternoon and said my b/w indicated I should do my hCG trigger right away, but my RE only wanted me to trigger with half the dose (5,000 iu instead of 10,0000 iu).

Has anyone ever been instructed to only do half the trigger or know why the RE would suggest this? I’ve read it could reduce your risk of OHSS, but I only had 3 total follies. Just curious if this has ever happened to anyone else.


Maybe they detected an LH surge, and you are about the ovulate on your own. ?? I think HCG causes the LH surge for final maturation, so it seems to me, if they want you to do a 1/2 shot, there is chance you have released some LH on your own. Not sure tho.


I was thinking along those same lines. I read where the follicle will become misshapen when it’s about to rupture, and my largest follicle was a very elongated oval-ish shape so maybe it was almost ready to go. Thanks for the reply!


When I was seeing an RE, and he thought I was going to ovulate on my own that first clomid cycle, he still went ahead and gave me an HCG shot at full dose to make sure I ovulate. Difference was I did not have an LH or E2 test. Just an u/s. So maybe the ladies on here are right- your doc probably went by the LH levels on your test. GL!