Half Trigger Shot


Hi, ladies. I already posted this in the Clomid board, but I thought I might get good feedback here.

I had a follie check and LH and E2 b/w today. The nurse called this afternoon and said my b/w indicated I should do my hCG trigger right away, but my RE only wanted me to trigger with half the dose (5,000 iu instead of 10,0000 iu).

Has anyone ever been instructed to only do half the trigger or know why the RE would suggest this? I’ve read it could reduce your risk of OHSS, but I only had 3 total follies. Just curious if this has ever happened to anyone else.


I was hoping someone would answer this question, but I guess not. My doc also did a half dose (5000 units of Pregnyl) with our IVF-to-IUI cycle with 5 follicles.

In my readings, this practice has been very common in Europe for years with essentially no change in success rates. I believe that they began the practice in hopes of reducing the risk of OHSS. Since I had 5 mature follicles and over 20 immature ones (all greater than 14mm), I figure that was our doc’s rationale. All you need is a dose to cause ovulation…which doesn’t have to be 10,000 units!

Anyway, hope this tiny bit of information helps!


Thanks for responding. I’ve also read where it is common practice in Europe so that put my mind at ease. I think what it came down to was my most mature follie was misshapen, and I’m guessing my b/w showed I may have been close to ovulating naturally so they didn’t think I needed the full trigger.

Oh well, as long as at least one of those follies pop, I’m not too worried about it. Kinda sucks to pay for the whole shot and only use half though. Thanks again for the info!