Half way journey almost done!


I can’t but keep on saying ivf/surrogacy is a highly sophisticated and meticulously timed procedure. It involves removing a ripened egg or eggs from the female’s ovary. Fertilizing it with semen. Incubating the dividing cells in a laboratory dish. Finally, replacing the developing embryo in the uterus at the appropriate time. The success and availability of ivf has raised the hopes of many infertile couples (who have not been able to conceive because of infertility associated with not only blocked or absent fallopian tubes but also male infertility and many other causes!) Time ago I was diagnosed on pcos & blocked fallopian tubes. amh test results came in lest then 3,2. Tried accupuncture along with IVF shots but got no actual results. ivf#1 and #2 in 2015 failed. Our dr suggested pgd as suspected me to be the carrier of a very rare disease. Another shot brought no luck. We both took a really long break for emotional recovery. Once a friend of mine went for surrogacy in Ukraine. She shared her positive experience with the clinic. We thought we could give it another try, using donor egg. It took us 2 shots de ivf at bio tex com to conceive our adorable daughter.


Did biotexcom clinic doctors ask you to provide your breast ultrasound result? If not, they’re the same as VittoriaVita and I wouldn’t trust them. Our surrogacy experience was awful, my wife is still fighting the consequences of “treatment” she had. I hope no one will bein the same boat but just in case, ladies do breat ultrasound before having any treatment and visit your doctor at least one time a year! My wife had a breast cancer she didn’t know about and ovarian stimulation made it grow faster. Our life has changed and having a baby can be only a dream. I’m going to sue them so if you have any issues with VittoriaVita, contact me via email [email protected].


OMG!! That’s awful!! I’m so sorry you’ve had bad experience with VittoriaVita. I haven’t heard of this clinic before. Obviously, that was good for me…We’ve been currently treated at bio tex com, donor egg journey#2 for a sibling for our de ivf daughter. So the thing I wanted to say is that they DO want to pass breast ultrasound check (If you’re younger than 50 yrs old and never had any breast problems). They’ll want you to pass mamography if you’re over 50 or had breast problems in the past. I truly cannot understand how it could happen VittoriaVita didn’t ask your wife to pass any of those!! This is just irresponsible! Looks like they wanted to loom your money out for any reason…No doubt, they wouldn’t let you into the program at bio tex com, knowing your wife suffers breast cancer. I believe they’d recommend you using donor egg for surrogacy…Anyway, I’m sorry you’ve faced the scammers. Hope your wife feels better now. What’s your path now??