Handheld Doppler


Anybody buy one? Or recommend one? I want to buy one of the $30-$60 ones but don’t know which one to buy. Any suggestions?


I got the sonoline B fetal doppler when I was pregnant and loved it! It started using it around 13 weeks or so and was able to hear the heartbeat the first time. I definitely would recommend it and also recommend looking at youtube videos on how to use it. You have to know what sounds are what, because it can be confusing. There are basically 3 sounds you hear; your own heartbeat, the blood flow in the placenta/umbilical cord, and the baby’s heartbeat. Congrats!!!


I also have the sonoline B 3mhz and love it! It was about $55 or $60 I think, but well worth it. Mine came with a small tube of gel, but I just bought a large bottle of aloe for cheap and use that.

I got mine at 9wks and was able to get the baby’s heartbeat then. It really helped to watch the how to use video’s on youtube as they had lots of great tips for finding the heartbeat early on and for knowing the difference between the baby’s heartbeat, your, and arteries.


I just wanted to add my 2 cents for anyone looking for a good doppler. I got the Sonoline B 3MHz and I love it! I got it on ebay for $ 56. Worth every penny. I recieved it in the mail at 8w5d and of course I had to try it. I found the heartbeat pretty easily. There were a few times I tried afterwards where I just couldn’t find it. Keep in mind the baby swims around a lot at that point. I would find it all over the place. Sometimes I hear it for a few seconds before it moves away. Its so great to get to hear your baby at home though for that bonding experience. I had no problem hearing the difference between arteries, placenta and baby because I’ve heard the heartbeat many times on my mothers children when she had her appointments but as a pp said, if you do have trouble, check out YouTube. gl!