Happy pregnancy via DE IVF in Ukraine


Hello, Everyone! I use to be on the forums like this one very often, when I was looking for information about world IVF clinics. I know how hard this is and I fell really sorry for the women who had to face infertility. I face this issue way too early, I was only 30 when I been diagnosed with early menopause. Imagine my felling when in 30 years old you’ve been told that you will never get pregnant??
I was desperate, I start build a career and just in couple years met the person who twist my world.
I’m 36 now, pregnant with our first baby (16 weeks), but I wouldn’t say it was easy. I spend days on research for the best IVF clinic with the best donor base. And I found it all in Ukraine, it may surprise you why don’t we use an US clinic. What I was looking for is the donor with another from American set of Genes. We have so many people with cancer, diabetes, obesity. I was scared my child will have one of these diseases, Ukraine has good ecology and women there are skinny and healthy. I choose Biotexcom clinic because of their review and rates. The girl manager was with me all the way, she even holds my hand when I was stressed and upset. I got pregnant with the first try, I remember when after the transfer I had to lay for 2 hours on my back and don’t even pick up my head, nurses were all over me, helping.
I can’t wait for baby. I wish everyone here have a happy end as I have. :):slight_smile:


Hi, Lyn! Congrats with your pregnancy!
I’ve come across this thread and was surprised a bit as we’re currently passing DE IVF in the same clinic. They are highly professional. We booked 5 att program there to have more shots in case there turns out to be any other issue. (My signature describes briefly we aren’t able to think this very 1st att will be success for us. At least I’m not ready to let this thought go right now.) For the # euro they also included all the meds needed for the protocol. Also package price covers selective reduction if needed (This is another 1000 euro if done independently). But the crucial point for us was the guarantee. In case of 5 failures they refund all money paid! This was more than good news as we’ve already spent a fortune on treatment at home.
Up to this time we’re satisfied how the process is going on for us (rather fast with no complications, thanks to God.)
Thank you for sharing your story as this is very inspiring to read about people achieve success with the place you’re passing treatment in. May God take care of both of you now :slight_smile: