Has Anyone Done A 6DT Fresh/Frozen Cycle


Hello Ladies,

Has anyone done a 6dt with a fresh or frozen transfer?
If you have, what was the verdict… :bfp: or :bfn: ?
And how many baby’s?

The reason why I ask, I will be doing my first 6dt on August 28, 2013 and wanted to get some feedback. Your help is great appreciated!!!


I had a day 5 and day 6 (frozen) transferred Oct 1st last year, and I’m sitting here feeding my b/g twins that were born 10 days ago! Good luck!!


Thank you…

Hopefaithprayer: Thank you!!! This is hope and praying for me. I have only done a 5dt and have taken everytime on the first shot. Now, I get to do a 6dt and I hope both babies take. I will be putting back 2 embabies at 6d.


I had a combination of fresh and frozen together. Day 5 and day 6 transferred on day 6. Chemical.


Hello Again…

Hello Again,

Cosmopolitan4112008: I love the feed back… whether bad or good. I just want to make sure my IF’s have a baby or babies!!! Never did a 6 day transfer, just 5 day. They are going to do genetic testing so that is the reason for the 6 day transfer. Thank you.


I have read that if it is a frozen cycle, it doesnt matter whether the embryos are day 5 or 6, but in a fresh cycle your chances are reduced on day 6, since the lining is ‘too old’. Why would your RE be pushing for a day six transfer?


I regretted that we did that transfer on day 6. As far as I remember, lining was good otherwise they would not have transferred, but I think the body was full of estrogen and those stimmulation drugs. I will never do that again. From now on, only fet.however, maybe the lining was not as “fresh” as it is on day 5.


I had a FET of a 5 day and a 6 day blast. I now have a 12 month old DD from that cycle, but we’ll never know which embryo stuck around. Good luck!


hey, I remember you CTW2011!!! I just did a 6dt of a hatched PGD tested embryo!!! everything looked so good that they only wanted to put in one. and as far as the “lining going bad in one day”…i’m not so sure I agree with that…as surrogates we are sometimes “floated” for weeks due to scheduling. I find it hard to believe a lining goes bad in a day.


I had a day 6 transfer on our first ivf cycle (fresh), but I had poor quality embryos past day 3. 11 retrieved, 9 mature, 8 fertilized, but only 2 made it to day 5 (I think it was), and they were not great quality when they transferred. The nurse assured me I wasn’t the only person with a day 6 transfer, so I’m sure it just depends on each individual situation. Good luck!!!


if I could just clarify - in a frozen cycle or with a surrogate, all you need to do is delay the introduction of progesterone until 5 days before transfer. So, yes…people are “floated” for scheduling reasons, but they are still exposed to progesterone (which is used to ‘prime’ or prepare the lining for implantation) 5 days before a blastocyst transfer. There are actual studies that suggest that in a fresh transfer when the lining has been exposed to progesterone for 6 days, there is decreased success. http://www.fertstert.org/article/S0015-0282%2801%2901771-X/abstract


Hello Ladies,

Well, had my transfer last week (August 28, 2013) and had nothing but cramps for the first 2 or so days… took a HPT on a couple of days shy of my 3dp6dt and got a faint :bfp:!!! My IF’s are soooo excited. I have been taking HPT’s each day… so, I am a peeoholic!!! LOL. My HPT’s are getting darker.

I did do a fresh 6dt and they already hatched completely out of their shells before we did the transfer. We put in two boys and I THINK both took!!! I am very happy tooooo!!! I can admit that I was kind of optimistic on a 6dt because I have always done 5dt, but I see they DO work toooo!!!

As far as your “lining going bad”… I think it is you and your body. Seeing I just had a baby for another couple in April 2013, my RE told me I am very FERTILE MERTILE!!! So, it was just a matter of time, but didn’t know what to think… but went with my RE decision. [B][SIZE=14px]HE IS THE BEST IN THE DALLAS/FT.WORTH AREA, HIS NAME IS DR. ROBERT KAUFMANN!!![/SIZE][/B]



‘the lining going bad’ is never what I said. As a surro, it wouldn’t apply to you. it would only apply to a fresh cycle where the women doing the IVF ER retrieval also did the transfer 6 days later. the lining would not be ‘bad’, but it could potentially be exposed to progesterone for too long, making the embryo less likely to attach.


thank you for the link! that was insightful.


was your transfer fresh or frozen?


Hello Ladies,

Pamelackaes: My transfer was a FRESH transfer this time with this surrogacy.