Has anyone had any luck without an IUI?


I just started my Femara on Friday which are cd 3-7 for me. I also have PCOS. I wasn’t going to get the trigger shot this first round, but I think I’m going to go ahead and do that. I hadn’t planned on doing an IUI, just trying :dance:this first time. Did anyone else do that too, or did you just go ahead and go straight for IUI? I’m just wondering if I should just go ahead and do that this time too. Thanks gang! Good luck to all!



I HAVE PCOS , and 3 iui before
but this time we did not have money for iui this time
i toke clomid 3-5 days +HMG on cd 6+7 and the trigger with HCG 5000

AND today i am 6 weeks 2 days:clap:

so good luck


I dont have PCOS but I did try clomid with timed intercourse 3 times before my first IUI. My first IUI was with clomid and the ovidrel trigger.

I had my 2nd IUI before thanksgiving and I am awaiting the results of that.