Has anyone had Micro Tese with Dr.Schlegel?


Hi There,

My husband and I are off to Cornell Medical Centre in NYC to have micro tese with Dr Schlegel with fresh IVF cycle on sept 6.

My husband has high FSH and Normal genetics. He did have a varicocele that was was removed but it did not help. Sperm analysis was still 0 after.

If anyone has any stories from Cornell I’d love to hear them. I’m a little nervous because we are coming from Canada it’s a big step but we feel we are in the right place.


We didnt have the procedure done with Dr. S but we did go and see him. He is very expensive and does not take ins. He only gave us a 10% chance of finding any useable sperm and after he described the surgery to my hubby and I we opted not to do it. You also have to use his doctors for the retrevial and transfer in NYC and for us it was just not possible. Sorry I cant offer you any other info…hope this helps a little.



My dh was a patient of Dr. Schlegel although he didn’t end up needing the surgery. (There were a handful of swimmers on the day of my ER) However, we can not say ENOUGH good things about Dr. S. and Cornell. We absolutely loved them and would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone. Dr. S. is a very kind and brilliant man. He is the absolute best in his field. You couldn’t be in better hands. And everyone we came in contact with at Cornell was awesome. Good luck!!


Hi I new to the forum. My 30 yr old son has just been diagnosed with Klinefelters and everyone is devastated for him and his wife. They have always dreamed of having a family. They did karyotyping and it showed 47,XXY.ish Xcen(DXZ1x2),Yp11.3(SRYx1),Yq12(DYZ1x1)[10]. nuc ish(DXZ1x2,SRYx1)[200],(DXZ1x1)[500/504]. Can anyone tell me exactly what that this means? Is he mosaic or non moasic? His FSH was 44.3 - Testosterone 160. He wants to at minimum be seen by Dr. Schlegel and find out if there is any chance of success with micro TESE. Does anyone know how long it takes to get an appointment with Dr. Schlegel? Does he perform testing or do you bring results with you? Are we crazy for pursuing all of this??? Are we just asking for more disappointment???


We did our second mTese with Dr. Schlegel at Cornell. I loved Cornell. I was glad, however, that I had done an IVF cycle elsewhere first, because I knew what to expect, and knew what questions to ask. There is a great board on cycling at Cornell specifically on IVFConnections (go to the New York subsection and you should find it) that had great tips from people cycling (and was a great place to ask Cornell specific questions). Is Cornell insanely expensive? Yes. Are they 100% the right place to be if you are dealing with azoospermia. Yes.


Hi! My husband and I are considering doing the micro these/IVF with dr Schlegel. Would you recommend?