Has anyone taken medication to start their menses?


Hi ladies:flower:

I am 5days late for my menses and am stressed. I called my re and was told that it was probably stress and if I didn’t start by Monday they’d give me medication to make me start. I was wondering if anyone has had this happen. If so, how long before menses started? Did you have any success (:bfp: ) with your IVF cycle?

I would appreciate any info:confused:


bothh cycles that we got our bfp i was given provera to start af… good luck


I’ve been given Provera to start my period before, normally take the meds for a week and at the edn of that your period will start.


Jerseyjandj-thank you so much for replying. Congrats on your :preg: :cheer:

pefulmom2b-thank you & good luck with your journey and if you need a buddy I’m here…:flower: :pray: :bfp: :babydust:

Well if I have to take meds to have:af: And I have to take it for a week or so that means I won’t be staring stims until December due to thanksgiving holidays :cross: :pray:


I took Provera once to start my period. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a successful cycle, but I don’t think it was related to the Provera. Best of luck to you!