Has anyone used Neupogen?


I was advised to take injections of Neupogen just prior to ovulation and through ten weeks of pregnancy if I get pregnant. I just found out that I have a gene, HLA DRB1, that has active antibodies that basically attack the embryo and results in miscarriage. I have had several miscarriages at this point. The Neupogen is supposed to boost your immune system and help fight off the antigens.

Has anyone used Neupogen? Have you had success with it after repeat losses? Did you have side effects? What if anything do you know about any long term effects on the mother and fetus/baby?

It is not a commonly used drug for fertility use so I am a bit hesitant to use it but have heard of some successes with it.

Thank you!


I have not, but my doctor recommended it for my next attempt as she said we might as well try since it won’t hurt and it could help. In her words we are “pulling out all the stops.” If anyone has experience, I’m interested to hear.