Has IVF worked for any 20 year olds?


Hi there, My husband and I are starting the IVF process.(I am fine. DH 2% morphology) I started BCP yesterday and will stop taking them the 27th of December. We have U/S appts. scheduled and blood work. Talked to our nurse yesterday and she said our RE will probably only put 2 eggs back in… anyone have any success/helpful tips. We are so nervous/stressed that this, along with everything else we’ve tried, will not work.
PLEASE HELP!!! :pray: :cross:


[B][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Dh and I started the process on 12/16/10, so far so good. You will deffinately have a whole lot of appointments for monitoring and blood work. I have to literally alternate arms almost every other day. I am on stim day 7, I take follistim, low dose HCG, baby aspirin and prenatal pills. I just started by third injectible med Ganirellix today. I schedule my appointments very early in the am, like 6:45. Meds are very expensive if you do not have coverage. I am lucky, my pharmacy covered all the meds. I just had to pay my normal copayments. Get ready for some brusing, you have to inject in your thighs and belly. They watch you very closely to make sure you do not hyperstim. I actually have to decrease my follistim dose tonight because I have 20 follies. Our egg retrievel is 12/27 and transfer will be 12/30. I wish you good luck with everything. Just think happy thoughts and it will all work out. Lots of :babydust: [/FONT][/B]


I was only 24 on our first IVF/ICSI. And as you can see on my signature that my DH had low morphology also. We conceived our son with our first cycle. There is always hope! My RE was very hopeful with my age and health history. The younger the better! Good luck!


gives me more hope

Reading these posts made me feel better. we just found that my husband has low sperm count with 2% morphology. my ob/gyn said it could happen naturally if not we have to consider IVF/ICSI. I am 29 and very healthy our is male factors. so I am hoping that the IVF/ICSI process will be successful for us too. I haven’t started IVF process yet. we are waiting till my husband consult his urologist and then proceed from there.

any suggestions are welcome.


Hey I am also at Rma of phila … Starting my first ivf cycle…
Me- fine
Dh- perfecto
Unexplained fertility TTC since aug 2010… I’m currently on luperon Injections just waiting for AF!! I’d like to join your journeys!!! N keep u posted with mine!