Have any of you gotten your BFP after taking Letrozole?


Hello everyone! This is my first IUI cycle taking Letrozole - just looking for you ladies out there who have also taken it and gotten a BFP - did you have any side effects? How many mature follicles did you have? Were any of you dealing with MFI (low sperm count)? We are dealing with unexplained MFI, it’s nuts because for the last year my hubby’s count went from as low as 100,000 postwash with the highest postwash being 8 million - until last month! It was 20 million prewash, 14 million postwash so we were SHOCKED! He has been taking a variety of different vitamins the last few months and it was also coincidental that a week and a half before my last IUI he passed 2 kidney stones - the nurses said that would not have effected his sperm count but I still feel like maybe somehow it did - I am hoping last month was just not a lucky month, maybe what he is doing is working - IVF is so expensive and our insurance does not cover it which is what they recommended, it does cover IUIs unlimited though which makes no sense but hey I will take it, it’s better than nothing! I am hoping that one little guy gets through and gets us our wish :slight_smile: I always responded well to the clomid (had anywhere between 3-5 mature follies) but have yet to get that BFP - they switched me to the Letrozole this month since they don’t do over a certain amount of consecutive clomid cycles -clomid always had me bloated, very moody, etc. but so far so good with the Letrozole and my IUI is scheduled for Thursday morning, come on :bfp:!


I personally love Femara over Clomid and have very few side effects from it. Some cycles I haven’t had any. You can check my signature for specifics. I am actually on a combination cycle with injections as well, and have only had one cycle that yielded more than one follicle.

Good luck to you! :flower:


Thanks for sharing!