have u experienced this?


Last week I emailed my sis who stays out of town. She is quite close to me and has 2 sons. I wrote everything about how we have reached a decision of IVF and my state of mind etc etc.

I received her reply back today, which just said, ivf has good results, good n’ go ahead with it.

I was like &%^#&*%^##% do you really understand what I am going through!! I donno whether I was expecting more from her or what happened. But I really don’t feel good about this.

S’times even people close to you don’t get how bad the TTC pressure can be. Bcoz I guess they get things so so easily! It’s so sad n’ frustrating.

Now to top it all, my sis-in-law is going to start TTC this month … I’ve been married for 6 years and she got married just last year. The thought just kills me that she may (most probably will) have a baby before me. I donno how to handle this!!! ahhhhhhhhhh :grr:


yes you are right … these are not the things I should be thinking about right now. Coming month is an important one and I should focus on it rather that worrying about others.

Just that sometimes it all bursts. When you want to share your feelings with someone, you first expect that from your closed ones. But yes, they cannot understand as they have not experienced it.

Thanks, these discussions help me a lot. Good to have a such a group where everyone understands each other well bcoz they have been there.

and Congratss! Your first IVF worked … just great!!
take care.