Having a baby after hystectomy


Hello Agnete…and WOW! I just read your sad storry, was a bit upset and wanted to cheer you up and then - voila! You did this…it’s amazing! Tell me how is it? I mean what do feel like? Is it like constant excitement? Or you’re not high coz it’s your SM pregnant and not you?


Congratulations Agnete! wonderful news indeed! 320 is positive be sure but of course it must increase daily you know.
I’m now waiting for my SM will be matched and I remember my first surro experience, well i can say i understand you, really. I’m happy about you hon. Btw which clinic did you choose? You wrote you it’s 3 clinics you came by but you didn’t mention the one you signed a contract with. I’m curious coz one of them gave mt my first child and now gonna give the second :slight_smile:


I got used to the idea of surrogacy so that’s ok. I’m not jealous to her or something like this. The time of despair and self-punishment are left behind. Our future is all that matters. After all that woman helps me to become mom once again in future so I have to be endlessly grateful to her. Oh, we will see. This is just the beginning of our long way to go


Oh, almost forgot - wish you all have happy winter holidays with your families!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone
Ho ho ho!!!:slight_smile:


Agnete, super news! Congratulations!:slight_smile: I’m sure you feel so much excitement and joy, aren’t you? Did they already do any scans to the surro: blood tests, ultrasound?

TAZZILIA: are you also opting surrogacy? if so, why? as for me, surrogacy came out as the last possible chance to have genetically related baby, same for Agnete. so we can;t be unhappy that surro is pregnant as we’re not. it seems so. at least I was very happy to know that everything worked and our babies are growing. Of course, this feeling is obviously much different from those you experience with natural pregnancy. but the outcome is still the same - desired parenting.
do you have certain hesitations?:rolleyes:


For me personally, it’s a bunch of feelings, most of them I haven’t even experienced when I was pregnant with my boy. It’s hard to explain. In general, you feel same joy and excitement as in natural pregnancy, but in surrogacy you understand that so many things depend on you. you feel helpless, unfortunately. I know that my surro is miles away. In the meantime, I know that I’m supported by a team of our infertility clinic who take care of surro and keep me updated.

Sure, these are two different feelings, but the result is the same, Kim, I agree with you. it’s all about our babies.


im really sorry!
but it seems that you have gotten some positive updates, havent you?
PS i have been through a similar journey, just that I already have a daughter from my first marriage but my husband really wanted another child, that would be of his blood. so I went for ivf on donor’s eggs. haven’t had any other choice though because of my age. but now as my pregnancy continues well and drs say that everything’s been developing as it should be, i feel really happy. I am the happiest mother and wife!
PS hope you are feeling fine too.


Gwineth, that’s awesome that you take courage for such very important step. I hope everything will be fine with you and baby and you will make you DH happy with a desired baby. I think women of any age deserves joys of mothering is she really wants to. hopefully, even ladies in menopause still can give birth to healthy children thanks to egg donors. my babies are also of donor egg but we hardly every recall this in our life. maybe one day they will know. i don’t want it to be a taboo. that’s a part pf their life story after all and they should have sound perception of what was going on


Agnete, you reminded me of the feelings I experienced when our surro was pregnant with our baby boys: all those emotions are familiar to me. you feel helpless, out of control, always at the cutting edge of your thrill.
For me, life has changed greatly since then and my head is full of other thoughts now: first steps, teething, potty training, feeding, etc
believe me : Time flies. Yes, it’s a worry some period but still you have people to rely on. remember it


Thank you, Kim! You know, I’m also a mum and a mom-to-be in the same time. Fisrt steps, teething, etc - I know this all as well. My boy is already four, he’s an active toddler and we have sort of different problems, and joys as well. I’m sort of here with him, but my thoughts are there in ukraine with our little pea. Also, the case is that everybody knows now and keeps asking about the process. Now I’m kind of starting to regret having announced our surrogacy pregnancy so early.


I cannot agree more with you on this! I do not think about my baby as of the baby who’s been conceived unnaturally or something. Because I can’t just think that way when this beautiful creature sleeps inside of me, I really spend a lot of time taking care of him and thinking about what we’re going to do when he is born and about all of the plans for our happy future!

But maybe I am just calm because I know that my son will look exactly like me (or at least there are great chances of it) because we have chosen a donor who looks just like me. haha


A little update needed. It seems I haven’t posted in this thread for a while. Time is flying so fast. Our 16th week of surrogacy pregnancy has started and we are waiting for ultrasound tomorrow. Our surrogate is expected to come to Kiev, but unfortunately we won’t be there. This time we failed to travel, but all our thoughts will be there in biotex clinic with our lovely surrogate Galia and our little pea (who is actually not so “little” already). It’s an absolutely new experience for us, and each week brings something new. This time we hope to know the baby’s gender. I know that chances are not too high, but still if the baby behaves, a good doctor shall see what it is. Fingers crossed!
Looking forward for tomorrow :rolleyes:


oh… this is so unfortunate, Agnete! when is the nest time when you can see your SM? I suppose that it is not going to be that soon either. But biotexcom management is very quick at updating us :slight_smile:
Haha your pea is not so little, yes, def! I hope that she/he keeps growing and will come to this world healthy and beautiful.
Haven’t your dr said her own predictions on 12 week? I know some do that if you ask them. of course it is not 100% but still… Oh, I wish you to find out the baby’s gender this time!!
good luck!


yeah, I still feel a bit disappointed that we couldn’t travel, but still it doesn’t change much for our surro pregnancy. We’ve got a letter from our manager, with a delay but still - it had good news for us. all is fine :smiley: Tests showed that surro is feeling ok and our pea is growing. genetic test showed low risk for abnormalities again :slight_smile: and then came the US - photos and videos of our growing baby, quite distinct already. The baby was moving and shaking legs and arms. Still, they couldn’t tell about the gender. My DH tried to guess on his own from the photos. he says it’s a boy. I hope soon we will know
our dr? no, she didn’t tell anything about the gender on 12 weeks scan, but she explained everything from the medical side. she is a bit strick but super professional. we are happy that we were matched with Dr Elena
next time? 20 weeks is the next check


that’s great actually! even though I would like to receive some news concerning my baby’s gender this early but doctors should not tell predictions of that kind if they are not sure or have doubts. of course even if it is 20 week some couples are “unlucky” to not see the gender even at that period haha
oh well you will see if your DH has a gift soon haha
I am so happy for you! you seem to be so happy and calm, you seem to have no worries whatsoever… unlike me :slight_smile: I am a definition of nervosity and if I was in your shoes I would be freaking out just because


gender is not on top of everything else, but i can only imagine how impatient you’re to know. the baby is developing healthily and surro mom is ok. It seems it’s the best news you could possibly get this time.
just wait for the next scan. may be this time your doctor will be able to see better
but still Gwineth is right - some babies keep it in secret till the day of the delivery lol


[QUOTE=“Gwineth, post: 1870318, member: 87471”]that’s great actually! even though I would like to receive some news concerning my baby’s gender this early but doctors should not tell predictions of that kind if they are not sure or have doubts. of course even if it is 20 week some couples are “unlucky” to not see the gender even at that period haha
oh well you will see if your DH has a gift soon haha
I am so happy for you! you seem to be so happy and calm, you seem to have no worries whatsoever… unlike me :slight_smile: I am a definition of nervosity and if I was in your shoes I would be freaking out just because[/QUOTE]
what’s the sense in being nervous? It won’t change anything or can even get things worse. They say mom’s emotions are transmitted to the baby inside her, and I think that with surrogacy things are much the same. Your baby should know that you’re waiting for him or her and that you’re sure everything will be fine. you know, good energy knows so distance, time or space. and it can really do miracles. It seems to me now that we were so lucky with our first ART treatment in our lives just because we treated everything with so much hope, love and belief. I’m sure you do the same, but please don’t worry. Our peas need our support so much.


you’re absolutely right, Agnete? Not only material things matters. energy is everywhere around us and we need to charge all the participants of our surrogacy process.
I remember our first visit to the clinic in Kiev. The staff was so friendly and welcoming. They charged us for positive outcome of the program. We got bfp only from the first attempt, though. but still it was all about hope


you are right
I should try more and with time I feel like I am getting calmer and calmer with every day of the pregnancy and my journey begins to come in all of the different and bright colors :slight_smile:
I am totes with you and I think that I should care more about the beautiful little miracle that is the best thing in my life __
I hope for the best!


I’ve just joined this thread and it seems like I missed a lot, a whole journey of your treatment.
I’m curious how are you know, as I see you have already got your 16 weeks’ scan, right? Can you tell me how it looks like oh and I suppose you already got 20 and more weeks’ scan, am I right?
We also have opted for a treatment in ukraine, probably the clinic as you . I want to share my happy news we are waiting for our first scan. It is supposed to be today in a few hours… I might sound crazy but I have already wrote my manager, feeling nervous, can’t stand waiting.

It would be nice if you share your updates