Having a bad day!


I feel cramps coming on. AF feels right around the corner.

Had to hang out with a bunch of women who compalin about their twins, wish I had their problems.

My Dr. office hasnt called with blood results in forever, super annoyed.

Got giant Dr. bill today super worried about finances.

wish we would have had a trigger shot and IUI this month.

Feel helpless and hopeless, I really just want this process over witha nd I just started. I just dont understand how things took such a turn for the worse in my fertility.



So sorry you’re having a bad day! Hang in there. Here comes a huge :grouphug: from all of us here. We’ve all been there.


I am sorry you’ve had such a bad day. Its hard dealing with IF and trying to keep a smile on your face while hearing friends and fam complain about their kids, it really sucks. Hope you hear from the doc soon and I hope you feel better.



I sure hope that tomorrow’s better for you! Don’t be afraid to call the doc’s office to find out about your results. That’s what we pay them the big bucks for! And keep in mind that many, many women on the success threads also thought AF was coming and they were actually pregnant. Maybe the Clomid alone worked for you? IF can be a long and trying road. Be good to yourself and NEVER give up hope! Your baby is coming to you, one way or another.