Having some crapping every since then



I had a FET on tuesday 9/3, i have been having some crapping every since then. Today ( 9/7) i couldn’t wait any more and did a HPT , one of those digitals, and it came out POSITVE!!! now im afraid to get exited, I dont know if is too early to test it’s only been 4 days, could this be a false positive? For this cycle i have only had estrogen in pills and progesterone in shots. Please has anyone have had this happen? can i trust this? i had two embryo transfer and it was a 5 day transfer.


It sounds like a real positive! I would try to be cautiously optimistic. I had a positive since day 5 and I ended up losing the pregnancy. Not saying that’s what’s going to happen I’m just saying that it’s super early. So just be cautiously optimistic. Early congrats!


you have to have quite a bit of HCG in your system to have a digital come up BFP. sounds like a positive for sure! how many did you transfer?

  1. Urine HCGs are generally accurate at about a quant of 25. Hospital versions are a bit better. 2. The HCG injection that you were given can linger for 8-10 days depending upon the dose given. 3. It’s still probably a BFP :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the comments! My beta is this Friday 9/13/2013, I’m very worried, i have been having lots of cramps, and yesterday starting spotting ( brownish) sorry about the details :(. The anxiety is really bad, i don’t know what to think. I’m a bit worried that it might be too good to be true.
PamelaCakes I transfer 2 embryos.


Did you administer hcg, if not then you are likely pregnant, but until beta I don’t believe anything!
Did you test again?


I tested on 9/7 and 9/8 and both time came out as positive but I don’t think i can’t test again, i don’t want to get crushed if the HCG levels are not what i expected it. I didn’t have a trigger shot this time, I did a Frozen embryo transfer, just taking estrogen and progesterone.


You are PUPO, but I know what you mean about beta. Just a couple more days, keeping my fingers crossed, but I’m very optimistic.
Keep us posted on the beta.


GOOD LUCK TOMORROW. Let us know, I’m very optimistic that you are :preg:.


Hi! Well I had my beta on friday 13 and it came out that i’m pregnant!! my HCG leves are at 579.2 10dpt :). I do another on monday so im hoping my levels keep going up, i still have some cramping and spotting but I’m trying to stay calm.


CONGRATULATIONS!!! That beta is really high, maybe twins?


Wow congratulations. Ya must be twins. I did FET on Sept 4 and 1st beta was 227 and 2nd beta today is 398. Can’t wait for 3rd beta and ultrasound to find out the heart beat… Yes I do get cramping here and there and worried too. Good luck