Having trouble mixing Menopur using the Q-Cap. Any advice?


My dosage is 4 vials and I use the Q-cap to mix and combine them into 1 shot. What I’m struggling with its getting all of the medication drawn up into the syringe with the Q-cap. When I’m done mixing/drawing up the 4 vials the amount of medication in my syringe is less than what I had started with and there’s a little bit of liquid in each vial. Am I doing something wrong? I’m concerned I’m not getting my full dose.

Thank you!


I think it’s normal to have some loss, especially with 4 vials. I always had a little loss and I used 2 vials.


Hi designgirl,

You can hold the vials upside down and tap them.
You can suck in some extra air with the last couple drops. On the last vial you can suck everything in and then push the extra air out.
Also, they trained us to start with the syringe all pulled out to your saline volume before you go into your saline first vial. When you push the air in and then flip the vial over still holding the pluger down once you let go of it the syringe sorta fills up on its own.

Hope that helps, Dana


Thank you both!