Hcg after bfp


I had my first blood test today, I’m probably 13-15 dpo, it came back 11.5. From what I have read that seems really low for anything viable. Has anyone else had this low before? I go back Saturday to test but am freaking out!

Little background: have been TTC for 2+ years, unexplained fertility. July was our 1st time doing IUI. Had an hcg shot on July 8th and iui on 9th and 10th.



It’s a little low but you could have had a late implantation. What marters most is if it doubles on Sat. Best wishes.


So I have something interesting that is going on with me, so I’ll share my story as it might help you. I went in Wednesday to get my baseline ultrasound and labs to start fertility treatments again… Nurse called that night and said my hcg level is 13.9 meaning I was pregnant. I have no idea how far along I am bc I don’t have periods at all on my own. I have to get an injection to make it start. Anyway, I went in this morning (48 hrs) to get my second set of labs and waiting to here the results… She said as long as the number close to doubles, there is no need for concern at this point. In 72 hours, as long as your number doubles, I wouldn’t be concerned as they say it should double to triple in 72 hrs. Best of luck to you!:cheer:


Let me add, I am on progesterone support just in case. I might ask the doctor about that if you’re not on it already.