HCG not exactly doubling, should I be concerned?


Hello. I had my first HCG test done 11/19/2010 (Friday at 7:30am). The result was that the HCG was 921 and Progesterone was 187. Today, 11/21/2010 (Sunday at 7:45am) I had my second one done and the HCG was 1,732. Should I be concerned since it is not exactly doubling in 48 hours. According to an internet calculator it is doubling at a rate of 52.4 hours.

Many thanks in advance for any advice and input.


I don’t think it’s a problem. If you look at my numbers, which were substantially lower, they didn’t intitally double, and my doubling time was greater than yours (I think over 60 hours, but I don’t recall exactly). I went on to have a wonderful, uneventful pregnancy.