HCG numbers and low heart beat



It has been awhile since I have been on here. I am trying to find the site that had the average HCG numbers for DPO…I thought it was betabites…could someone please give me the link. Also what should a fetal heartbeat be at 5 weeks 6 days. Is 97 beats low? Thanks!


Hi there.

I think the beta site you’re looking for is the Betabase but it’s down and looks like it’s been down for quite some time. (Though apparently it goes through phases where it disappears; I guess somebody forgets to pay the bill or something.)

I’d say 97 bpm at 5w6d is great. It’s really hard to know exactly when the heart will start beating (which is why some REs don’t bother looking for it until after 7 weeks), and when it does start it starts close to Mom’s heart rate. Our first recorded hb was only 80 beats per minute and that was right at 6w, and I was afraid for a while that it was too low. (But then, my own resting heartrate is pretty slow.) On Tuesday, that same little heart was doing around 170 bpm.

Good luck!


betabase was the only site I knew of.

Considering a lot of heart beats can’t be detected until 6 weeks, I think 97bpm is pretty good. Sounds like you’ve got a healthy little one in there.

Welcome to the crazy world of parenting where you will worry and stress over every little thing for the rest of your life!