HCG Shot and false positive ??


I was wondering if anyone had thoughts on how long the hcg shot stays in your system? I took the orividel shot on November 18 and took my first test yesterday, Dec 1, which was 14 days past.

Yesterday I got 3 positive tests, but this morning I got a negative. Same brand of test. I am going to get blood work done tomorrow and the nurse told me it could have still been some hcg left in my system, but I thought it left your system between 7-10 days.

I really don’t know what to think. Any thoughts?


It could also just have been a bum hcg test. I think the general consensus is that the ovidrel would be out of your system by now.

I hope you get good news.



10,000 mIU of hCG would be out of your system by now. Check out my sig below.


Positive from Digital Test

I’m wondering If I tested to quickly. I took Novarel shot at 830 PM o Feb 2 took digital test this am at 4 Feb 17 and it said “pregnant” took another this afternoon it said “pregnant” wonder if Novarel is still in my system? I also took the HPT that only shows negative or positive I saw a faint Plus…AM I crazy?:cross:


Thanks essemkay for the quick response! COngrats on your :bfp: I took 10,000 units of Novarel! Im excited but cautious!!!


I agree, it’s real! Congrats!!! :slight_smile:


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