HCG shot


hi ladies
i am 13dpo
i had my first hcg shot on 5th november that was 5000IU
so probably i ovulated on 7th novmber
my RE told me to take a hcg shot on 8dpo that was 15th novmber

i toke a hpt on 19th that was 12pdo 4 days after the mini hcg shot
and it was :bfp:
now i am so confussed that is it the hcg shot in my system or its a :bfp: for sure

i read hcg text it say that hcg leaves the body 1000 iu per day

so we should test 14 days after 10,000IU
7days after 5000

so when should we test after 1000 iu i guess 2 days

its my Dh 's birthday 21st its tomorrow
i will test today night its 13dpo

shud i tell my husband or not
i am so hopefull and at the same time i dont wana keep my hopes to high because if its not that it will hurt bad really bad…i will break down
its 3 1/2 years of TTC


If the booster shot was 5000IU then i’d think the line could be the HCG as you took it 4 days ago. You could test again later in the day or tomorrow and IF its darker then you could have yourself a real bfp.



using essemkay’s theory (and assuming that your mini booster was 1000),

Nov 15 1,000
Nov 16 500
Nov 17 250
Nov 18 125
Nov 19 62.5
Nov 20 31.25-this could show up as a false positive depending on the sensitivity of the test. Test again tomorrow and see what happens. Hopefully the line is darker.

Good luck :babydust: :babydust:


will i toke the trigger to on 5th nov that 5000IU

and then i toke 1000I U ON 15th morning
5 days

i hope its not a false postive
i toke a HPT in this morning 13diui it was still postive but faint
my periods are due today all day i had AF feeling
a little heart brun
this is very stressfull
i pray its over cud tell that i am :preg: