HCG trigger cause extra period pain?


Hi everyone,

I’m trying to separate out what’s my endometriosis and what’s medications. I only took an ovidrel trigger this past cycle… but I’m having one of the worst AF in my life in terms of pain. And I’ve had some bad ones.

My endo is bad. Bad enough to significantly impact ovarian function.

But last night I had MANY episodes, each lasting 10-15 minutes, of feeling like I’d been stabbed in my right ovary, and the knife was twisting. Literally, sitting, breathing quickly, whimpering, can’t move, can’t focus, can’t do anything… if someone had asked me on a scale of 1-10 what the pain was like, I would’ve said 9 (I reserve 10 for pain so bad I can only scream).

I seriously considered the ER yesterday. Will call doc today. But… anyone have any ideas?


I had that last month too, but definitely not on the scale you had! Before I actually started bleeding, I had major, major period cramping for two days prior! I talked to a doctor about that and she said - it wasn’t the prometrium, it could be the fertility drugs. I have endo as well, and didn’t even think that could have been it. Do these fertility drugs increase the endo symptoms?


The other thing I’m wondering is if it’s Clomid related. I didn’t take Clomid last cycle, but I did the cycle before, and it was a short cycle (19 days) so I wonder if it stuck around and impacted things, particularly given how short the cycle was.

I’ve heard a few things about clomid not being good with endo…


Hi everyone,

I know that this post is older. My period that I had this month was the worst ever in my life. I had lots of cramping and the night before my period started my lower back hurt so bad I had to get up and watch TV. Also had lots of pinching on the side with the lead follicle, the pain was on and off for about a week after injection.

:bsv: , Dana