HCG trigger question


Good evening everyone!
I have a question regarding the HCG trigger. I just had my 2nd lap and had moderate endo cleaned up, so I am going to try another IUI. I saw that many women on this site were getting an HCG trigger, this had never been offered to me. I asked my RE if we could do one he said we could, but to be honest I am not sure what I just asked for? Is it to make sure all of the follicles release? Shouldn’t they be releasing on their own? Could that be my problem? How does it work? Sorry this question is kind of disjointed, any insight would be appreciated.


I had ovidrel trigger which makes your body ovulate within 48hrs after taking it. It is done for the correct timing for iui or intercourse. Did he give a good reason for not using it before? I used clomid increase follicle size and have more than one follicle. I then had 3 u/s and on my 3rd one I had multiple follicles over 18mm so I was told to trigger the following day and come in the day after I triggered for iui. Hope this helps.


I do ovulate on my own, or I assume that I do. I have a 27 day cycle and my progesterone is usually robust. I guess that is why he didn’t do an trigger last time. I have no idea what my follicles look like though or if I am truly ovulating because I don’t have monitored cycles. I have never been given an U/S. I just get an IUI when my home kit says that my LH is increased.


This is exactly how I would have responded!