HCG Update


Hi Everyone. So I have seen many threads about how, if at all, would HCG Diet help. So I wanted to give my story I found the forum looking for my old HCG forum as I’m starting the diet again

Meet DH in 2000. Married in 2003. Knew I’d have trouble getting pregnant so we started TTC in 2001. Between then an 2009 we did IUI, IVF, timed ovulation, multiple tracking methods…I’ve had several surgeries for my Stage 3 endometriosis-had a lapectomy, laparotomy, another lapectomy, and a second laparotomy. Went to three specialists. Finally, in 2008, I was told to stop wasting my money and to stop trying. I also have PCOS. In 2009 we adopted two children ages 7+9. I decided in 2012 to do the HCG injections. Did them in May and June (six weeks). Came off the diet and got pregnant in July (confirmed end of august b/c missing a cycle was nothing new to me). Had a 38 week old boy in 2013. Decided in July 2015 to do the diet again. Six weeks. July and August. Positive pregnancy again in Sept. However that ended in a removed pregnancy b/c the baby embedded where my former left tube used to be. Did the diet in December for four weeks with the intentions of getting pregnant again. Ended in January-positive pregnancy test in February and carried baby to 35+6 and delivered her in Oct 2016.

So for me, I know that I had tried every possible method to get pregnant. It took me over 10 years - ten years!- of trying every single month-not missing a month, and ten years worth of negative tests and crushed dreams. But the HCG diet, whether it reset my body after six weeks, reset my hormones, let me lose weight to a point of getting pregnant (I weigh 180’s) or whatever else it did-is the only reason I got pregnant three times in 5 years-every single pregnancy followed the next month after finishing a full six week round of HCG injections.

I’m not saying this is typical for anyone else. What I am saying is I did everything else and none of it worked. This allowed me to lose weight at the very least-and allowed me to get pregnant (the very most). Most people are concerned with only consuming 500 cals. a day. It’s medically supervised (mine is)-they ran an EKG, did weekly blood work, did weekly tests to confirm I wasn’t losing muscle vs fat, I did daily ketosis testing and they assured me that any indication of anything coming back slightly negative would end the HCG round immediately. I felt comfortable and confident with the doctors that supervised this diet, was never starving, and didn’t lose my energy.

Like I said, I’m about to do the diet again, only this time, my husband is required to keep his distance for a couple months without extra protection bc I want to keep the weight off, and not get pregnant. But rest assured, if I ever wanted to get pregnant again, or if my best friend was asking what to do, I’d 1000% tell her to try the diet for 6 weeks and then try the next month. It’s not like you have a lot to lose at this point (again-assuming it’s medically supervised).

I sincerely wish you all the best and hope your dreams all come true.