Wondering what to expect from the hCG shot


Depends on which one you are on…

Ovedril pen was easy. Easy to do and you will barely feel it.

Pregnal you have to draw up yourself… make sure you get every drop. It burned a little more than the Ovedril but still no big deal.

After the shot you won’t feel any different.

Make sure you do it at the EXACT time the nurse tells you.

Good Luck!


After the hcg shot, I do tend to get a few pregnancy symptoms. One of the most noticeable ones for me is tender breasts. The symptoms tend to decrease with time though.


I have had 3: ovidrel, pregnyl, and novarel. Ovidrel didn’t work for me, the other two allowed me to release 1 of 3 eggs.

With each of the last two intramuscular shots, I slept 12 hrs lol


I have been on Ovidrel and Novarel and they both gave me minor pregnancy symptoms like breast tenderness and moody oh so moody. Best of luck.

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I did the Ovidrel injection and had cramping two days after the shot and pregnancy symptoms. :bsv: to you!