He said ivf failed to genetics


So I just had my failed fet consult with re…he said if an embryo doesn’t implant its said the be something genetically wrong with the eggs and that you get new eggs every 30 days…so I’m assuming that means its a quality problem…right?? And therefore it may help if I start taking supplements to increase quality?


wow - this is so wrong. Are you sure that is what he said? We never get new eggs. We are born with all the eggs we will ever have. That is why it is so hard to ‘improve’ egg quality. A lot of times our egg quality is a result of things we have done over our entire lives (smoking, drug use, etc). I know there are some alternative approaches to improving egg quality (wheatgrass, bee pollen, coQ10) but I don’t think there is any definitive proof that they really do help.
I think the general rule is that it takes 3 months for supplements to have an effect on eggs.

Also, he cannot say for certain that lack of implantation is the fault of the egg/embryo unless you did PGD or CGH and know for certain that the embryo was genetically abnormal. Sometimes there can be other reasons for implantation failure. I listed some of these in the thread ‘#6 IVF failures’.


First off, I’m sorry you’re going through this!

In regards to what your RE said, if those were his words he definitely mis-spoke. We’re born with all of the eggs that we’ll ever have. It takes 3 months for an egg to mature which is why you need to take supplements for 3 months before you’ll see any kind of improvement…same goes for sperm quality.
Ditto to what maryevelyn said, “he cannot say for certain that lack of implantation is the fault of the egg/embryo unless you did PGD or CGH and know for certain that the embryo was genetically abnormal.” There’s no way to know for sure. Have you considered getting another opinion?


I agree with the other ladies that your doctor was wrong. The only explanation I can think of for that comment is that maybe he meant that poor quality eggs could be genetic? That could be the case if infertility or early menopause runs in your family…

He should have been able to anticipate some of this before your cycle. FSH, Estradiol, AMH, AFCs, and Clomid/Lupron challenge tests are all helpful predictors of egg quality. Sometimes these tests may need to be repeated as well. My FSH/Estradiol were normal in January 2011 (though they were technically drawn on CD2) and were terrible in March 2011 (true CD3). I failed the Lupron challenge fairly significantly.

Unfortunately, egg quality is a tough problem to fix. I have lived a perfectly “clean” lifestyle…never drank, smoked, did drugs, engaged in a promiscious lifestyle, etc. The only thing I can think of that might have affected my eggs was a significant amount of radiation exposure in my job when I was in my 20s. I’m also overweight, which is thought by many RE’s to be a factor in egg quality. Sometimes, I think there is no explanation…besides just bad luck.

Hopefully your doc can clarify his comments and give you a better explanation. Otherwise, another opinion is something to consider.

Good luck in your future!


He cannot know why your embryos did not implant. Genetics is a common guess, but just a guess. Maybe you have a quality issue, maybe not. Whether supplements will help is also unknown.

To determine a genetics issue, they need to do genetic testing.

You do not develop new eggs every 30 days, but you do develop new antral follicles from your many thousands of primordial follicles, and that takes about 2 months. Once a primordial follicle has developed into an antral follicle, it can respond to FSH stimulation. This is probably what he was talking about.


Ok I found my notes from my consult …he said that when they don’t implant there us thought to be something genetically abn with the embryo. Usually the issue is with the eggs and that usually if something is wrong with the embryo it don’t implant.