Head is spinning - ER day


We are fairly new to the whole IVF process - it all happened so quickly.

I started Menopause at 32 so we knew right away we would need donor eggs.

We chose our donor in November and decided to wait till after the holidays to go full force. Well here it is 2/27 and the Egg retrieval was today.

We just got the call the we got 26 EGGS!!! :cross: I really wish I could meet this girl who is giving DH and I a chance to be parents together (I have 2 children, in college, from a previous marriage). :pray:

There are so many things going through my head right now. We just emptied out our bank account in hopes that this works. I am trying to do everything right, getting accupucture, watching what I eat, taking meds religiously etc.

Just wondering if there is any advice out there for things I can do to increase my chances of making it all “stick”. Foods to eat? Do I lay on my back for 3 days after?

Any advice is appreciated


I think that if your lining is good, you are doing all the right things! Congratulations!