Heard so many different things about caffiene when trying to conceive


The debate on caffiene?? I have heard so many different things about caffiene when trying to conceive. When I went had IVF done, both times I didn’t drink any coffee or caffinated drinks. The Dr and the nurses at the office say 1-2 cups is ok but any more than that is bad. However I find that with my friends they all drank coffie and pop and they got pregnant.

I work in an office where there are 2 suites and we share a lunchroom with that office. one of the ladies in the suite across from my office is pregnant and she had the worst diet coke habit ever! We would even on comment on how we never see that woman with a glass of water! now she is pregnant and our refrigerator has room because there are no cases of diet coke!

So I don’t know what to believe? its like research says no caffiene, Dr’s day its ok in moderation but I have seen heavy coffee/diet coke drinkers become pregnant?? I quit with both IVF’s which didn’t result in pregnancy.

Any thoughts or has anyone heard different???

Sometimes I feel like I should just start smoking, drinking coffee and binge drinking on weekends because it seems to result in pregnancy for most people!


The truth is that caffeine in moderation is OK. Just because you are trying to conceive doesn’t mean you have to be completely deprived. On the other hand, although soda may be okay in terms of caffeine, there are other issues with soda. Soda contains a lot of sugar and often other additives. These empty calories are not a healthy choice for anyone, much less someone who is trying to get pregnant. Some research has suggested that there is a connection between high caffeine intake and a delay in conception. For purposes of one study, high caffeine intake” was defined as consuming more than 300 mg of caffeine per day. For another study, “high caffeine intake” was defined as consuming more than 500 mg of caffeine per day. A woman who is trying to conceive should limit her caffeine intake to no more than 300 mg per day. Research has focused mainly on the woman’s caffeine intake; there have been fewer studies on the impact of caffeine on male fertility, and these studies have produced ambiguous results. They suggest that a man who naturally (or from some other cause) has a low sperm count may actually improve his sperm count by increasing his caffeine intake. However, there is some evidence to suggest that, for a man who naturally has a normal or high sperm count, that high caffeine intake may indeed reduce a man’s sperm count, making conception much more difficult. Many fertility treatments and pregnancy tend to loosen the blood vessels, potentially causing a drop in blood pressure. Adequate hydration can keep your blood pressure at healthy levels and help you tolerate fertility treatments and pregnancy better.


It’s ok you drink 1-2 cups of coffee daily. And it won’t make any harm to the process unless drunk too much. The best advice ever is to lead the life an already prego woman lives. So try drinking more freshly squeezed juice, enough water, milkshakes whatever. Eat well balanced. Make your coffee intake the less you can, but again you don’t have to avoid it at all. You may ask your dr for setting your mind at ease. Have adequate rest. Have more fresh air. Have good talks with supportive people around you. Avoid stress at work or elsewhere. Take folic acid and Omega 3 daily. You may ask your dr to prescribe you vitamins and supplements to take additionally. But the main source of vitamins is from food now. So make sure you eat healthy. Try to think positively over the process. Hoping your joy’s just around the corner. GL!!


I more tend to think that caffiene really affects one’s body. I mean when the intake is increased. I used to drink enormous amounts. And i n the begining my anxiety attacks usually happen ed at night. W hen I was alone and quiet. B ut since my visit to a fertility dr it contin ued all day long. Finally he told me he m ight cancel the ET because my lining was too thick. A t this point i became literaĺly heartbroken. M y palpitations were making me unable to breath easily. I got my sleeping pills beside me. But really couldn’t seem to have the energy to get up and take them. I felt helpless and angry and sad and very very home and husband sick… I was staying with my parents more often but they didn’t seem to understand what I was going through. Actually I don’t think all those things really came from caffeine intake or sth. Still suppose it could contribute to the overall state. SamanthaSun says 2 cups a day is just enough and harmless. I think I agree. But not more when you’re trying to get rid of some extra anxiety.