Heard so many different things about caffiene when trying to conceive


The debate on caffiene?? I have heard so many different things about caffiene when trying to conceive. When I went had IVF done, both times I didn’t drink any coffee or caffinated drinks. The Dr and the nurses at the office say 1-2 cups is ok but any more than that is bad. However I find that with my friends they all drank coffie and pop and they got pregnant.

I work in an office where there are 2 suites and we share a lunchroom with that office. one of the ladies in the suite across from my office is pregnant and she had the worst diet coke habit ever! We would even on comment on how we never see that woman with a glass of water! now she is pregnant and our refrigerator has room because there are no cases of diet coke!

So I don’t know what to believe? its like research says no caffiene, Dr’s day its ok in moderation but I have seen heavy coffee/diet coke drinkers become pregnant?? I quit with both IVF’s which didn’t result in pregnancy.

Any thoughts or has anyone heard different???

Sometimes I feel like I should just start smoking, drinking coffee and binge drinking on weekends because it seems to result in pregnancy for most people!