Heart Rate


I know that the baby’s heart rate can vary and that “normal range” is 120 to 180, but what is average. I am now 12 weeks and the baby’s heart rate is in the low to mid 150’s. It used to be in the high 160’s. What is normal? Is it normal for the heart rate to decrease?

I have a doppler and use it a few times a day so I have seen the drop consistently when I use it. Any information would be great. Thank you.


I have a doppler as well and am constantly charting! (call me Nervous Nancy :slight_smile: ) I’m just a week ahead of you. My little one’s heart rate seems to fluctuate between 159 and 169. I feel like her rate is high at times, when I’m nervous (which is always) and especially after I eat. it was just above 170 after dinner last night.

I’ve been told the same range as you. Try not to worry too much but maybe ask your doctor at your next apt what is a normal range for your baby. (Or a better way to ask that might be “what would be an indicator of a problem?”)

Best of luck to you!


no need to worry about your baby’s heartbeat…it’s in the normal range…my one baby started out at 125 at 6 weeks, maxed out at around 180 between 9-11 weeks, then went back down to the low 150’s…my other baby started out in the 150’s and has remained there…so, both babies heartbeats are now in the 150’s…this is from my last scan yesterday…it also depends on whether your baby is resting/sleeping or is more active at the time of the u/s


Don’t worry :grouphug: it supposed to increase by 3 bpd for the first few weeks of pregnancy and then gradually decrease. You could google it. Happy pregnancy to you gals :wink: