Heavy Lifting and Beta is tomorrow


My DH has been working like crazy. We had to get cat litter and I had to lift it. Of coarse now I am worried BC it was 20 pounds. I basically took from top shelf through in cart and bent knees and through in trunk for DH to get. Did i just F up the chances. Beta is tomorrow…


No beta is tomorrow whatever is stuck is stuck lifting is more to prevent injury to your swollen ovaries try not to worry


Thanks… Im losing hope…


You are fine - the uterus is such a protected environment. Good luck tomorrow, I know how hard this is, but you will be a mom one way or another.


You will be fine. My RE described the uterus as a jar of peanut butter and you can’t do anything to cause it to not stick unless you really go crazy. Lifting 20 lbs at this point is not going to hurt anything. I was told they only tell you no lifting or exercising sex etc is to make sure you don’t feel like you did something you shouldn’t have done in the 2ww if you get a neg. Good luck with beta tomorrow!


My discharge instruction afte the transfer said no lifting over 40 lbs - so I think you are well within the limit. After my transfer, I carried around my 20 lbs puppy everywhere. I think you are OK.


Good point, I was carrying my daughter all the time afterwards - she doesn’t get it nor did she care at 18 months that I just had a procedure - and she was 22 lbs at the time…I was fine, granted I :wings: but that was due to chromosonal abnormality, not lifting her!


Thanks… BFN on home test this morning. Game over.

I think I need to look into domestic adoption.